Digital Ink Jet T-Shirts

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If you are entertaining the possibility of acquiring some tee shirts in the next month or two, then you should be made aware that there is more than just one way of getting things done. Knowledge is power and we will be able to educate you as well as direct you on which alternative is going to be the most cost effective method, as well as the most practical. There are many different variables that we take in to consideration before we actually quote a project. The traditional method of Screen Printing is not necessarily going to be the best alternative.

Another viable option that should be entertained is digital output. Technology has impacted every sector of our lives and T-shirts are no exception. This can be a much more affordable alternative when your quantities are low or if the image is composed of a multitude of colors. It also makes sense when you are dealing with an image that has very tight registration and halftones.

One of the many advantages that this technique offers is that it does not use a traditional method of color separations like normal screen printing. It is simply a matter of scanning in a high resolution piece of artwork and you're ready to go. Keep in mind that I said HIGH resolution, as the finished product will never be any better in the artwork in which it originated from. 300 dots per inch is considered to be optimal.

Traditional screen printing quotes are often based on the quantity of the run. Normally, the higher the volume, the lower the price per unit. This is because you have the exact same set up to print a run of 100 t-shirts as you would to do 1 tee shirt .

Questions and Answers

What does an ink jet application feel like ?

This t-shirt application feels soft. It uses a water based ink instead of a plastic ink. Because its water based, it seeps into the pours of the material instead of just siting on top and actually becomes one with the shirt.

What kind of longevity should I expect from this type of application?

This method will usually out last the T-shirt itself. Of course there are many contributing factors that will determine how long this type of application is going to last. For example, how often is the garment laundered? What type of detergent are you using? Does the detergent have bleach in it or not?

Will ink Jet provide me with the bright and vivid colors that a traditional method would?

Absolutely, as long as we're printing a white under base when using a dark colored T-shirt. It always works best on white because it uses a translucent ink. For example, let's say we were printing on a red shirt with white ink. If we did not use the white under base. you would end up with a pink logo.

Would I be able to come over and you show me some of the jobs that you have done for other customers? Is there any one locally in the Columbus Ohio area that your company has done work for in order that I can go check out and see for myself?

We can show you many different jobs that we have done in the past for Columbus Ohio clientele.

I have seen a lot of traditional screen printing jobs that were cracked. Will that happen with the ink jet application?

No, this is not like a plastic ink. It is water based. Normally plastic needs to cure at 320 degrees Fahrenheit. If it does not get hot enough, then it can come out of the dryer feeling dry, but it still is not completely cured. This can lead to cracking .

Water based ink does not typically have to get that hot. It sinks it's way into the pours of the T-shirt itself instead of sitting on top. This lends itself to a much softer feel as well as an image that does not crack.

What is this going to cost ?

Every time we submit a quote we do it on an individual basis. This is because every piece of art that we use is going to be unique from every other. Volume is also going to play a big role when determining a quote. The higher the run the less it will cost per unit.

To sum it up, an ink jet application most certainly offers advantages when trying to cater to a small run of tee shirts as well as when a large amount of colors are required.

Give us a call if you have any further questions or concerns on whether or not an inkjet application is right for you. We look forward to hearing from you.