What Sets Us Apart

T-shirt Columbus OH is a website owned and operated by Sunburst Logo LLC.

Instead of starting out like any other about us page, why don't we begin this by telling you what we are not and what sets us apart from every other Columbus Ohio T-shirt printing website.

Here are just a few examples, We don't use an automatic quote reply tool. It seems that technology has taken the human element out of the equation, not just in our industry, but in every sector throughout our economy. When you call us, we actually answer our telephone. We believe that the more we know about you and what you are trying to accomplish, the better chance we have of coming up with a strategy to offset any challenges that you might be facing such as time sensitivity or a limited amount of funds to work with. We believe that this all starts out with clear and concise communication. If you call a screen printing company and they do not answer their phone, that should be a huge red flag right from the beginning. If they won't pick up the telephone for what they believe might be a potential buyer, then how much less could you expect them to receive your call if there is a potential problem after delivery. We understand that nobody is infallible and anybody can make a mistake, but the difference between one custom T-shirt printing company and another is simply the way that they handle it. It all starts with a quick response and not by leaving a voice mail and hoping that somebody is going to return your call in a timely manner. Another thing that we are not is a start up operation. Our industry seems to have a lot of start up businesses that cater to digital T-shirt printing. They access a hefty set up charge each and every time a new order is placed. We, on the other hand, have been known to waive that initial set up charge altogether for digital T-shirt printing, as well as custom screen printing. The only time we usually have an upfront starting cost is for embroidery. Why should this be a concern? Because if you paid to have a logo digitized initially, then you don't want to find out a year later that whoever you use is out of business. That would mean you are looking for someone new this time around and those start up costs are going to be incurred once again.

We live and die on the repeat order, in fact, it's are bread and butter along with a good referral. It's so much easier to deal with the repeat customer than it is someone for the first time. The second time around we know you and you know us and your logo has already been established. All we have to do is pull it and reuse it as long as it has not changed. The first time someone calls us up, we not only have to sell them on price, but we have to establish a confidence that we are going to be able to process the order correctly and on time. The second time around this confidence level that I mentioned has already been established. If you're calling us back a year later, we must have done something right. We want to work out a scenario where you are as comfortable working with us as we are providing you with the embroidery excellence that you expect to receive. This is just good business practice and we know that if we do our job with excellence, then the repeat orders will take care of themselves along with the good referrals and reviews.

When it comes to pricing, we would recommend that you go out and acquire up to two or three other quotes from Columbus Ohio Screen printing websites in order to realize that you are getting the very best overall value possible. The logic behind this is simple. How would you know if you're getting the best deal that you can unless you have something else to compare it to? The key word here is overall value and not just cheap. Keep in mind that if the price that you are receiving seems too good to be true, then it probably is. We have always taken the approach of making what we would consider to be a fair profit margin. This helps to ensure that we will be in business next year.

Another thing that sets us apart from the rest of the crowd is the way we process the order once it has begun. We have a protocol of checks and balances that we follow in order to ensure that the job was going to be done with excellence. For example, we provide our customers with a virtual proof of their logo before we ever go to press.This helps to make sure that there are no misspellings and everything is laid out exactly the way they want them to be. This way there are no unexpected surprises when they go to open up a box of completed items. That is not a good time to ask them how do they look. We have access to the very finest equipment that our industry has to offer but even with all the advantages that technology has given us, there is no substitute for clear and concise communication throughout the whole production process from start to finish.