I waited way too long to put this order together and I have a convention in Columbus, Ohio area coming up in five days. Is it going to be possible to get 200 T-shirts printed on both the front and the back within that time frame?

When I called T-shirt Columbus Ohio they told me no worries; they do offer a rush service. They promised they would do everything within their power in order to make sure that we receive our product on time and looking great!

Well as it turned out, I should not have been concerned. These guys jump through hoops in order make us look good. We will most certainly use them again.

My company needed T-shirts for an upcoming event and we had no idea where to even start.

These guys educated us on our options as well as walked us through the entire screen printing process.

We ended up getting exactly what we wanted and staying within our budget limitations.

I am a small business owner on a very limited budget. We wanted to entertain the option of getting some custom embroidery on some oxfords.

These guys not only gave me a quote on exactly what I asked for, but they strongly encouraged me to go out and acquire a second and third quote from their competitors in order that I would have something to compare apples to apples. They told me that for me to fully appreciate what they were presenting, that I needed something to compare it to.

They were right!

We're a very small organization and we only needed a very small run of 12 tee shirts.

This company treated me like I was one of their larger customers. They gave my small order the same respect and attention to detail that they I would have expected if my order was 500 pieces or more.

I am a writer and was planning on attending a publishing convention in Columbus, Ohio area. I wanted to gain an edge over all the other writers so instead of handing a potential publisher my business card, I thought it would be a huge advantage to hand them a T-shirt with my book cover silk screened on the front.

The problem was that the image was very complicated and composed of almost 100 different colors. I thought that this was going to be cost prohibitive.

After talking to one of the staff members, they suggested using a state-of-the-art method called ink jet.

The tee shirts came out great and were well within my budget.

I found this company on the Internet. At first I was a little concerned about dealing with a company out of state. Well, as it turned out I should not have been concerned at all.

The whole thing was done on line where I e-mailed them my image along with the style number that I wanted. I went to their on line payment page and processed it for approximately half of the total amount due. I received my shirts with free shipping to my front door. It could not have gone any easier!

I am just a small business owner so getting the very most out of every dollar is extremely important to me. They not only quoted what I asked him for, but they threw in a dozen caps with my logo embroidered across the front and sides of the hat. None of the other screen printing company sites I called volunteered to do that, so I thought I would give them a chance.

They took the extra time to send me a virtual proof of my image before they ever applied it to any of the garments. Then they actually provided me with a finish sew out for my approval. Believe it or not, this was not common practice in their industry. They said that when I go to open the box, that is not a good time to ask me how I like them. At that point they are finished and there's nothing else that can be done. That made a lot of sense to me.

Now that my logo is perfect, they can house it in their data base and reuse it at no additional charge in the future.

Even though it seemed a bit repetitious, I really appreciated the extra measures that they took on making sure that my order was completed on time and looking great. When it was all said and done I was convinced that these guys gave me the best overall value by far.

I had never ordered screen printed tee shirts before. The helpful staff at Columbus Ohio T-shirt printing could not have made it any easier. Their knowledgeable staff helped to educate me of my options and walked me through the entire process. I didn't even have to come and get them. They gave me free delivery directly to my door. The bottom line was that I ended up getting my order on time and looking great for a great price. I will certainly use these guys again!