Frequently Asked Questions

Who is our normal every day customer?

A typical every day customer is looking for a quote for custom screen printing or embroidery. It might vary from a very small run of items ranging from twelve or twenty four pieces to a large run of one thousand items. It's all over the board. We don't just have one way of getting things done.

We are sensitive to the fact that our customers needs are different from other. Therefore we put together a costume quote to fall within their budget restraints as well as complying with their delivery date.

We realize that you have a lot of choices when it comes to catering to your T-shirt and embroidery needs and the Columbia MO. area.

Here are a few reasons why T-shirt Columbus Ohio is going to be the best choice:

How about our reputation for starters. We have more than fifteen years of screen printing and embroidery experience under our belt.

Look at it this way, we live in and die on the repeat order along with the referral, so we probably would not be in business for as long as we have been if you did not know what you are doing! We have access to the very latest tee shirt screen printing equipment as well as use what is considered to be our industry's latest techniques. This allows us to not only be able to cater to the simple requests but it allows us to meet the challenges of the most difficult ones. Many of these T shirts require complicated works of art work. We take a whole lot of pride in being able to take on jobs that the other guy's shy away from.

These types of requests will range from the most complicated fifteen color images to very small gradients.

What would it cost to have a custom tee shirt made?

Well that will depend on quite a few different variables that we take under consideration when composing a quote. Every screen printing embroidery job is going to be unique unto itself. Even though all jobs are going to be similar,at the same time they will all be different from one another.

We will be happy to supply you with a free no obligation bid request on your t-shirt job and any other type of garment that you might be interested applying your logo to.

If you go to our web site (T-shirt Columbus OH.)you will notice that it is very user-friendly and is easily navigated. The on line catalog has thousands of different caps and jackets to pick from. Find a shirt that is of interest and then click on it and a larger picture with the color availability and description will appear. recruiters Send us your logo and let us know how many and what color tee shirt that you would like us to quote on . Also don't forget to indicate whether you would prefer screen printing to embroidery. You should hear back from us within one working day.

If I am paying for a film, do I actually own it once the job is completed?

Were not actually charging you for a physical screen, but we are charging you to develop a film . Once we are finished with the initial job, we will then archive the film and pull it later for future jobs when you are ready at no additional charge. How ever if for what ever reason you you request a copy of it, then we will be glad give it to you. By not actually storing the physical screen,it ends up being much easier on the environment compared to just throwing it away.

It also keeps the land fills from filling up. The second order is normally it is much easier because we don't have to start producing any color separations.

Is your quote also going to include the T shirt itself?

It normally does. When putting together your quote we almost always include the garment unless instructed not to. We would strongly suggest letting us provide the tee shirt as well the printing and or embroidery. We purchase such a high volume of them each week that it is very good probability that we can acquire them for a whole lot less then you can . Once every now and then, we encounter a misprint or there could even be a hole punched in the shirt during the embroidery process. If that happens then we can replace the T-shirt affordably and quickly. Once the job is actually running, we do not have time to stop the production process until you can bring us another replacement. Besides, if you supplied the garment, then we can't always replace it wholesale and some times we can't find them at all. This is a can of worms that we'd rather not open.

If you still insist on providing your own t-shirt, then we can compose a special quote that would include the screen printing or the embroidery.

I am going to need some screen printing for a convention in Columbus Ohio next week. Is there any chance that you can help us make that happen?

Our workload changes from day to day. Normal lead time is 10 working days. I would recommend that instead of just e-mailing us a quote request, that you pick up the phone and call us . This way you could actually speak to one of our knowledgeable screen printing staff in person and discuss some potential options.

You might want to also go directly to our web site. It was created with the customer in mind and is very easy to navigate. Just click on free quote request and then start filling out the necessary information required in order for us to provide you with an accurate quote. After that has been filled out, you should receive that t-shirt quote within 24 hours of being submitted.

I really don't have any artistic ability for putting together what I want on the tee shirt, Can you please help me?

Most of the time our client will provide us with art work that is clean and ready to go. With that in mind, a lot of art work requires cleaning up or even color separations. in the event that your logo does up needing some extra attention, then we are glad to what we can in assisting you in cleaning it up. Keep in mind that a completed t-shirt is never going to be better then the art work that it started from so good clean art is going to be vital in order to give you a great looking completed finished product.

I waited to long to order these things and need them in just a few days. Am I still going to be able get them in time for my event?

We do provide a five day rush service. We will access a rush charge when you're given your production price.

How long does screen printing normally hold up for?

Well that depends on a whole lot of different variables. For example, How often do you wash it the garment? Does your detergent contain bleach ? How often is it worn?

The most important part of this process when trying to ensure a good long life span out of the image is making sure that you get a good cure on the ink when it comes out of the dryer. Some times you can walk a very fine line between scorching the tee shirt and curing it. A normal plastic screen printing ink will dry at about 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

We would like to see some examples of your work that you have done for customers in the Columbia Missouri area. Would you be able to do that?

Now problem. We would be happy to show you as many examples as you would like to see.

We just need 12 pieces. Is my order to small for you?

One of the things we pride ourselves in is our ability to be flexible.

We are very good at doing the little things well. We give the small order of 12 pieces the exact same respect and attention to detail as we do the 1000 units.

It has been our experience that the customer that just needs a small amount of screen printing is often on a very limited budget.

It's all relative. Their job is going to be every bit as important to them as a large order is to a major event with one thousand attendants. Therefore, we give these type of requests the same respect and attention to detail because we know that it's all important. The fact that we are sensitive to this, along with our approach of delivering a finished product manufactured with excellence as well as on time far a great price is what sets T-shirt printing Columbia Mo. apart from the other custom screen printing and custom embroidery companies in Columbus Ohio area.

Please to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns.

Unlike most other companies these days we really do answer our phones. You well actually be able to talk to a real person and not a voice mail.

If by chance we do happen to be on the phone with another customer then just leave a message and we promise that we will be faithful to call you back as soon as we possibly can.

We look forward to working with you!