Calling All Fraternities and Sororities

If you are currently in a fraternity or a sorority and you are thinking about acquiring some T-shirts in the next coming months then you really should consider giving us a call.

T-shirt Columbus Ohio deals with college students all the time and we would love to discuss the possibilities of either cross promoting or working with your organization as a partial sponsor.

In this current economic environment we need to find an edge where ever we possibly can. we know that there is power in a collective effort and by working together in the right capacity we can potentially take each other places quicker and easier, then we could ever get to, by just our own efforts.

We love college students and realize that their resources are normally limited.

It's been our experience that they typically have a lot more energy and creative ideas than they do funds.

Give us a call and we can identify your goals in order that we can come up with some cost-effective solutions towards off setting some of the overhead towards your next order of screen printing or embroidery.

We will do our best to come up with a strategy that will be mutually conducive for both your organization and ourselves.

We're so confident that we will be your best source for acquiring your T-shirts that we recommend that once you receive our quote, that you go out and compare it to for tee shirt companies in order to fully appreciate our overall value.

Once you have their quote, look and see if any of the other silk screening companies extended any sponsorship help?

All we want is a shot at earning your business.

If we presented the best overall deal on your T-shirt order then we recommend you use us.

If we did not, then we recommend you use the screen printing and embroidery company did.

We have years of networking experience under our belt and are confident that we can come up with the correct strategies in order to offset your limited resources.

Give T-shirt Columbus Ohio a call and let's see if we can complement one another by working together in a manner that is beneficial for each of us.

When it comes to creative networking, we consider ourselves to be the leader in the silk screen printing and embroidery industry.