Custom T-Shirts How We Roll

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The purpose of this page is to give you an idea of not only who we are, but how we do things, as well what sets us apart from the rest of the Columbus, Ohio screen printing websites. One major difference is that we will actually answer our telephone when you call, unless we're on the phone with another customer, in which case we will return your call in a timely manner. We believe that clear and concise communication is an extremely important part of the bidding process.

Technology has impacted every part of our lives and many of our competitors have tried to take the human element out of the equation by using automated quote tools. We, on the other hand, actually want to speak with you audibly. The more we know about you and your objectives, the better chance we have of offsetting any challenges such as budget limitations and time sensitivity. It's been our experience that clear and concise audible communication conveys insight that shooting e-mails back and forth cannot convey. Here is a little food for thought when shopping for a Columbus, Ohio T-shirt printing company. If someone doesn't answer their phone when they think you are a potential customer, how much less likely are they to receive your call if there is a potential problem? Anyone can make a mistake but the difference between one custom screen printing operation and another is simply the way they handle it. Addressing an issue quickly is extremely important, especially if the job happens to be time sensitive. If you have to leave a message on voice mail that means nobody is going to even realize that there is a problem until someone actually retrieves the message. The sooner we know that something is wrong, then the quicker we can address it.

Technology has impacted every sector of our lives and the custom T-shirt industry is certainly no exception to that. We have access to the very finest equipment that includes digital T-shirt printing and computerized custom embroidery. Our approach to doing business is always consistent regardless of the job size or the quantity being processed. For example, as long as time permits, we prefer to provide you with a physical sew out of your custom embroidery before we ever start to apply it to any garments. This helps to ensure that there are no misspelled words and everything is exactly laid out the way you prefer it be. We would always rather error on the side of caution. Experience has taught us that when you go to open up a box of completed product, that is not a good time to ask you if you like them or not.

When it comes overall value, we believe we have the right strategies and protocol in order to work out a scenario where you are as comfortable using us to supply your silk screening apparel as we are providing it for you. We consider this to be good business, and if we did our job well, the repeat orders along with the positive referrals will take care of themselves. So remember, when searching for your Columbus, Ohio T-shirt printing company websites, along with digital printing and custom embroidery, give us a call.