Choosing a T-Shirt Printing Company

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We're well aware, that it is a daunting challenge to figure out which Columbus T-shirt printing company is going to give you the best overall value for your money. Here are a few tips that you might find helpful.

Get on your computer and do a relevant search. You'll notice that once you have arrived at that landing page there are anywhere from 12 to 15 different results that you can click on. It's almost a given that each one of these choices are going to have a quality website otherwise they wouldn't have shown up on the first page. That being said, there is a lot more that lends itself to the customer acquiring the best overall value for each dollar spent than a flashy looking site. Pick out three or four different sites and pick up the phone to call them. Did anyone pick up the phone or did you just get a voice mail? If all you got was some lame recording, then that should send up a big red flag. If they don't answer the phone for a perspective customer, how much less can you expect to reach somebody in a timely manner if something doesn't go right? That's right. Even someone with the best intentions can make a mistake. The difference between one company and another is how fast they respond as well as how they handle it.

Next we suggest that you acquire three or four different bids. After all, how would you know that you're getting the best overall deal that you can unless you have a few other quotes to compare it to? Make sure everyone involved is bidding on the exact same thing in order that they are fair comparisons to one another. When getting on your computer and doing a search such as Columbus screen printing company, you have a lot of different choices so we also recommend that you check out their credentials. Find out how long they been in business? The reason that this is important is that the digital printing industry is known for having a lot of start up companies that come and go. If you encourage a set up charge on your initial Tee shirt order, then you don't want to have to pay that same set up charge six months down the line when you need more T-shirts.

Next, check out if they have a presence on any social media sites and if so, check out their reviews. Find out if they offer other services such as custom embroidery or digital printing. We believe that we have the right solutions to offset all of your corporate apparel challenges. It is our goal to come up with a plan of action where you are going to be as comfortable acquiring your company logo apparel from us as we are providing it for you.