Customer Service

T-shirt Columbus OH is a website owned and operated by Sunburst Logo LLC.

Experience has taught us that the most important component of excellent customer service is communication. Technology has had a huge impact on almost every sector of our lives and the Columbus, Ohio custom screen printing and digital printing industry is certainly no exception to that rule. It doesn't really matter what kind of service you are trying to call, you will probably get an automated voice mail and have to leave a message in hopes that someone will get back with you in a timely manner. A large amount of the companies in our industry have gone the way of an automated bid reply tool on their website in order to avoid having to actually speak with their potential customer to take the human interaction out of the equation. Our approach to doing business is quite a bit different. We actually have real humans answer our telephone. We would actually prefer you to call us than we would for you to e-mail us a quote request. Experience has taught us, that the more we can find out about what you need as well as your situation and what you are trying to accomplish, this gives us a much better chance of figuring out solutions. For example, many of our prospective buyers are dealing with very limited budgets. Others are dealing with very short turnaround times. And then there's other people who know nothing at all about T-shirt printing and simply need to be educated on what options are available as well as pricing and what to expect once the job has been processed.

Here is a word of warning to Columbus Ohio T-shirt printing buyers, if you call a screen printing company or even a firm that caters to custom embroidery and they don't answer their phone when they think you might be a perspective client, then how much less likely are they to receive your call if something potentially goes wrong with in order? Anybody can make a mistake, but the difference between one digital printing company and another is simply the way they handle it. Being able to get a hold of them in the event that something needs to be addressed right away is the first step towards making something right and fixing the problem. If you have to rely on leaving a message or sending an e-mail it might be a full day before anybody even retrieves it. That's valuable time that was lost.

Customer service is one of the things that sets us apart from the rest of the Columbus Ohio digital T-shirt printing and silk screening websites in our industry. This means educating the potential buyer of all of their options. There is more than one way of replicating an image than the traditional method of embroidery and silk screening. Modern technology has given us advantages that have never before been available in our industry. It used to be that the amount of colors involved in a logo as well the intricacy of the artwork is what dictated at what price point you're going to be. Today's modern equipment has lent itself to application methods that were not even dreamed of 15 years ago. We have access to the best equipment that technology has to offer and we want to educate you on what it's capable of in order to help you figure out what type of application is going to give you the best overall value for every dollar you spend.

To wrap this up, the more we know about you and your goals the better. The more you know about us, the better off you're going to be when trying to determine who you will want to work with and how you want your order to be processed.