Who We Are

T-shirt Columbus OH is a website owned and operated by Sunburst Logo LLC.

Our specialty is custom silk screening and embroidery on wearable items for more than two hundred companies and organizations across the Mid West. As a community minded company, we have always made an effort to try and give back to the community. My company remains dedicated to catering to the needs of those who strive to improve our city through custom embroidery and custom screen printing on t-shirts, as well as providing logo development for those who have limited graphic capabilities.

Our commitment to excellence has always set the gold standard. It's our ability to be flexible and be able to bend without breaking that sets us apart from the rest of the Columbus T-shirt industry. We use the same approach to every order received, regardless of its size or the dollar amount involved. It's been our experience that the small screen printing or embroidery order is going to be just as important to the success of a small business or group, as a very large one is to a major corporation. Therefore, we approach each and every job with the exact same respect, integrity, and attention to detail. Our customer service not only sets a very high standard, it is what truly sets us apart. We normally take the extra time to provide our customers with a virtual proof of their image on the T-shirt that they have chosen before we ever apply the image to any any of the tee shirts. This is just one of the extra steps we take to ensure that there are no bad surprises when you go to open up a box of completed product. That is not the time to ask you how you like them. This protocol of checks and balances helps to ensure customer satisfaction from start to finish. It's been our policy to encourage our customers to compare our quote to at least two of our competitors in the Columbus area in order to assure them that they are receiving the very best overall value possible. Why do we do that? In a word, confidence. How would you know that you are getting the very best deal possible if you didn't have anything to compare it to? (Just try and make sure that it is "apples to apples".)

We believe that communication is vital. The more we know about you and what you are trying to accomplish the more effective we can be when finding solutions to offset your limited budget and giving you the best overall value possible. Our flexibility policy allows us to adjust our prices to your budget and work it out where you are as comfortable getting your screen printing from us as we are making your t-shirts for you. We want to cater to all of your custom embroidery and silk screening requirements.

To sum it up, T-shirt Columbus OH understands your objective. We appreciate what you're trying to accomplish. We applaud your efforts and believe that we can come up with the correct strategies and plan of action to earn and keep your custom screen printing and embroidery business. You can count on us for flexibility, integrity, value and above all, customer satisfaction. After we earn your business, the repeat orders, as well as the referrals, will take care of themselves.