Communication Is Key

I’ve heard it been said many times that little things can mean a lot. If someone proves themselves to not be faithful in the little things, how can they be relied on when it comes to big issues, like if something where to potentially go wrong during the processing of a time sensitive order. Chances are if you happen to make a phone call to several Columbus t-shirt printing companies who also happened to cater to custom embroidery, you would very likely find out that most of these companies don’t even answer the phone. You will probably be forced to leave a voicemail or shoot them an email and hope that someone will get back to you in a timely manner. The human interaction has all but been removed.

We are a Columbus screen printing company that will actually answer our phone. I consider myself to be old school and think there’s a great deal to potentially be gained by simply having an audible communication with my potential buyer. This often gives us a huge advantage to potentially overcome any challenges and obstacles they might happen to be incurring, such as a limited budget or a short time-sensitive turn around that might be required.

We live and die on the repeat customer and it’s always been our goal to create a scenario where you are going to be as comfortable having us process your t-shirt printing an embroidery needs as we are doing it for you. If we can accomplish this, then the repeat orders will simply take care of themselves. Unlike so many of our competitors, we actually want to talk to you. Consider this, when reaching out to a digital t-shirt printing company, if they didn’t answer their phone when they think you might be a potential buyer, how much less likely will they be, to return a phone call if there was an urgent problem that needed to be addressed.

We have been at this a long time and realize that to error is human, but the difference between 1 custom embroidery company and another, is simply the way they go about handling a mistake in the event one actually does occur. This all starts by making ourselves accessible to our customers when they need to talk to us.

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