It’s all in the details!

I’ve heard it said quite often that the little things can mean a lot and that extra attention should be taken when addressing the small details of a job. After all, if you’re faithful to do the little things correct, it’s likely that larger opportunities will come around. This not only holds true in everyday life but also in business. Take actually answering the phone for example. It doesn’t seem like a very big deal, but you would be amazed at how few Columbus t-shirt printing companies actually don’t. More than not, you have to leave a voicemail and hope that somebody will actually call you back in a timely manner. The live human element for the most part has been taken out of the sale equation. Everything is sent via email or text and nobody wants to actually talk to anyone.

I’ve been in the digital t-shirt printing business for quite some time and can attest that good clear concise communication is paramount when trying to figure out a scenario that’s going to be conducive to everyone involved. After all, the goal is to try to create a situation where our customer is going to be as comfortable using us for his or her custom screen printing and embroidery needs as we are wanting to cater to it. If we do our job correctly, we’re certain that the repeat orders will most likely take care of themselves. Audible communication has proven to be the best way of achieving this.

The Columbus screen printing and embroidery industry is extremely competitive and as an owner, I look for ways that I can gain an edge. Who would have thought it was this simple and uncomplicated, whereby just answering the phone when somebody reaches out would make that big of a difference? That being said, I can assure you that it does. My customers have actually told me that if a custom t-shirt printing company refuses to answer the telephone when they think that I could be a potential customer, it’s very unlikely they would actually receive my phone call in case there was a problem. It’s not uncommon that the bid request would involve potential complications such as an extremely short turnaround time or a very limited budget. These challenges are issues that are best talked about.

We consider ourselves old school when it comes to figuring out a scenario that’s going to be beneficial to everyone involved in Columbus when it comes to all their embroidery requirements.

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