Benefits of Networking

Let’s talk about the power of networking. Most people are good at something but very few individuals are great at everything. There are so many different components to running a successful Columbus digital t-shirt printing company. There’s also a huge difference between running a business and having your business run you. You will soon realize that there’s only so many working hours in the day and only so much energy that one person can expel. You need to realize that you’re not living to work, but you’re working to live. There’s a huge difference! The first piece of advice I would give you is to recognize what your strengths are and what are your weaknesses. Once you established that, you can surround yourself with a network of people who are great at whatever it is you’re lacking and don’t do well.

They need to have an understanding that it’s their job to make you look good and if done correctly, there is no limit to how far they can take you. It also frees you up to do what you excel in and more importantly have a life outside of your business. I’ve heard it said that nobody really owns anything as we’re all simply renters. The point I’m making here is that when it comes time to leave this world, nobody can take anything with them and all that you’ve acquired is left behind. At the end of your time, you will not be thinking, if only I’d have worked a little harder or had a little more. You will be thinking that I’m glad I spent time doing something meaningful that I enjoy. Networking with the right personnel will allow you to accomplish this.

When it comes to establishing new digital t-shirt printing customers, experience has taught us that it is much easier to sustain an established customer than it is a brand new one. The custom embroidery and Columbus Screen Printing industry is no exception to that. One thing I love about this business is it repeats approximately every four months as the season changes. People go from short sleeve T-shirts to the long sleeve hoodies and jackets. They’d much rather deal with someone who they’ve dealt with before as they’re already convinced of your abilities to get orders done on time and looking great. In other words, you don’t have to sell them on yourself. Besides that, their logo should be archived and it’s just a matter of pulling it and reusing it far custom embroidery orders.

If you end up doing your job well, then the repeat order should take care of themselves.

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