Importance of brand recognition

Top 4 Brands Heavily Dependent on Logo Apparel

Iconic, plain, and traditional fashion logos tend to be the most successful. Since they can adjust to suit any trend while staying true to their constructed design base. In fact, apparel company owners are well aware that they would be unable to print their brand image without a logo.

There’s nothing more significant about a brand than its logo. A lot many brands particularly brands related to handbags, sunglasses and statement jewelry are recognized for the use of their logo up front on products. A famous example is the widely popular Louis Vuitton tote bag or the Levi’s T-shirt.

While usually logo apparel is used for marketing purposes, a lot of brands capitalize on the dire needs of the t-shirt particularly in hot and humid states like Columbus, and turn their customers into walking brand ambassadors by printing huge logos on their clothes.

Here’s a list of some well-known brand identities in the apparel industry. This can be a way to see how essential it is to create a corporate identity that speaks for your business.

Louis Vuitton:

Launched in 1896, Louis Vuitton is a world-renowned French clothing brand. The primary design feature of the official logo is the LV monogram. It is a serif, italicized and capitalized L that sets slightly to the left and bottom of the capitalized V, indicating the acronym of its founders. The LV brand is utterly dependent on its logo as it got huge popularity because of it. The brand offers handbags, sun shades, jewelry, silk bandanas, and cozy Tees all flaunting off the famous LV logo in screen printing upfront


The House of Gucci is a familiar Italian fashion house for its high-end leather goods. Along with almost all kinds of clothing styles, the brand is popular for cashing on its logo on the apparel, which is often found in embroidery patterns over bags, or in screen printing over luxury silk stoles and even as metal buckles on belts, brooches and clutches.

The logo is an abstract representation of two interlocking “G”s. It has become synonymous with style and luxury. Gucci uses this letter mark in a variety of ways. The Gucci monogram is symmetrical. It also means you can get the right part by reversing the left one.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss has one of the most recognizable and revered fashion logos in the world. The formal serif typeface gives this logo its dominant personality. The black and white personalized logotype conveys honesty, beauty, and style. Hugo boss is quite famous for its t-shirts with its logo printed through digital t-shirt printing,

Levi’s Strauss & Co.

Synonymous with denim and a real legend, Levi’s Strauss & Co. is one of the most popular fashion labels globally. Its logo with a brash mood is abruptly recognizable worldwide, being a quality mark for custom t-shirts and Jeanswear. The company’s batwing logo is bright red in colour to improve exposure and inspire enthusiasm, and it is reputed for its quality, durability, and cultural significance. If you haven’t owned the significant white t-shirt with a big red Levi’s logo printed up front, you are not from any generation in the last 50 years.

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