Value of Good Communication in Customer Service

We have been catering to the Columbus OH. Screen printing and custom embroidery requirements for many years now. Our company has set the gold standard for producing quality digital T-shirt printing not only with excellence but on time for Ohio State University and many other organizations throughout this city and across the college campus ranging from fraternities and sororities and many different clubs and organizations. We love college kids! We’re well aware of the fact that they often come up with great ideas but at the same time lack the funding and resources it takes to make them come to fruition.

There’s an old saying that says youth is wasted on the young. I can remember back when I was that age and I was full of enthusiasm and energy but often lacked direction. If only I knew then what I know now, but of course there’s no going back. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t learn from my experiences and use them to assist other young people in achieving their goals especially when it comes to obtaining custom T-shirt printing. We are certain that we have the right approach when it comes to offsetting any challenges that you may incur such as time sensitivity or limited funding resources. The most important part of the equation is learning how to be a good listener. We are a big believer in audible communication instead of just shooting e-mails back and forth. The better we are acquainted with your situation the better chance we have of coming up with viable solutions and a plan of action that is going to make a difference. I’m not in any way saying that e-mails don’t have their place as they certainly are a great way of keeping records of what was agreed upon but it doesn’t necessarily lend itself to being able to bounce ideas off one another and discussing things face to face or even on the telephone.

Many of our Columbus, OH screen printing and custom embroidery competitors don’t even bother to answer the phone when you call them. You are likely to just get a voice mail or an automated answering machine. The only time you will experience that with us is if we happen to be on the phone with another potential customer. If that happens to be the case, we will be faithful to call you back promptly as soon as we possibly can. One of the many things that sets us apart from the rest of the crowd in our industry would be flexibility. We don’t just have one way of getting things done. We pride ourselves in being able to bend without breaking. Experience has taught us that most of the bid requests we receive or are somewhat similar, but at the same time they are all unique unto themselves. We are quite certain that we can come up with the right solutions in order to create a scenario where you are going to be as comfortable acquiring your digital T-shirt printing from us as we are providing it for you. In this way, the repeat business as well as the excellent referrals will simply take care of themselves for many years to come.

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