Weight Watcher’s

Not all T-shirts are the same weight, even if they weigh the same.
The T-shirt industry has adopted a term called the GSM equation.
It is a term that is used for defining the overall weight of the fabric in which the T-shirt is made of as well as defining the amount of cotton threads used per square inch of the shirt.

Normally the higher the thread count the softer the shirt will feel.

Many people share the common belief that if a shirt is heavier, than it is a better quality garment and will probably last longer.

The same train of thought also will pertain to a lighter weight garment probably will not hold up as long as one that is heavier.

This simply, is not true.

The overall weight of the T-shirt has nothing to do with the way it is stitched together.
The fact that one may weigh more than the other has nothing to do with how long or how short of time that it is going to hold up.

Most people prefer a 5.3 ounce weight tee shirt over a 6.1 ounce when it is 90° outside or warmer.
In spite of this, they will still end up purchasing the heavier weight shirt.

Many folks think that imported cotton is superior to domestically grown cotton and that is just not true.

They also share the misconception of just because they are spending more that they are automatically going to receive a higher-end garment.
Let me just say, that there is absolutely no status in overpaying.

The tee shirt manufacturers are just trying to create a perceived value .

It’s kind of like shopping for wine.
You can spend as much or as little as you want.
Just because you spend $100 on a bottle of wine does not guarantee that it is a fine product or that you were even going to like it.

I personally have found that some of the $3-$5 wines are every bit as palatable and don’t give me a hangover.

It all comes down to, either you like it or you don’t regardless the price tag.

I say all this to give our Columbus Ohio customer base some good direction when it comes to catering to their custom embroidery and custom screen printing needs.

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