Get A Columbus Ohio Custom Screen Printing Company To Make your College Reveal Party T-shirts

Get A Columbus Ohio Custom Screen Printing Company To Make your College Reveal Party T-shirts

It’s that time of the year when high school students anxiously anticipate which college they will be accepted to. Once they open that envelope or email, they are ecstatic to learn they made it.

Nowadays, college reveal parties have become a thing. Here are some reasons why you should get a Columbus Ohio T-shirt printing company to make your college announcement. The custom screen printing and digital t-shirt application along with the name of the college on it will most certainly bring out that particular look you are after.

You Made It To Your Chosen College!

This is a proud moment for the proud parents to see their child going to their preferred college. It makes it even more special to share the moment with all their friends.

A custom Tee With Your New School

Parents throw their soon-to-go-to-college child a party where the name of the college is revealed to the friends. What better way to announce to everyone which college you will be going to than to have a university reveal party wearing then name of the chosen school with custom embroidery on it.

Use The Tops As Party Favors

There are plenty of fun ways to reveal the name of the school you have chosen. You can have a cake or balloons with the name of the school on it. The best way would be to get a Columbus Ohio digital T-shirt printing company to apply the name of the college on a top. Once the name is revealed to the guests, pass out the tops as party favors.

Serve As A Memento

After some time when your child has left to college and you miss them badly, you can take out the t-shirt as a memento and think back to the times when you found out. What a great keep sake that will be treasured and appreciated for many years to come.

Don’t forget that we offer custom embroidery as well as a full range of different logo application techniques.

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Be Sure To Hire A Columbus Digital T-shirt Printing Company When Working On a Construction Site

Working on a construction site may prove to be a danger if the workers are not in their correct attire. Operating heavy equipment and machinery, climbing up and down the ladder, all of these things can pose consequential risks if the worker’s attire gets in the way of them doing their job properly.

For this reason, construction site workers are required to wear appropriate clothing that allows them to work productively and reduce any chances of an accident from occurring. In order to be able to do so, workers must ensure that their attire fits snugly and is not baggy by any means.

The best clothing attire for a construction worker is a tee shirt, especially one from a local St. Louis custom screen printing company and here are reasons why.

  1. Top With Pockets

Pockets can be extremely useful for a construction worker. When a worker is up on a ladder working at a construction site, these pockets can really come in handy. In order for the workers to stand out from the general public, they could alternatively also have embroidery done on their upper left pocket of the company’s logo.

  1. T-shirt With The Company Logo Embossed

Whether you wish to get tee shirts done or not, opting for a St. Louis custom screen printing company would prove to be an excellent choice when deciding on an attire best fit for the work site. Not only will this help the workers to feel more connected with the job they do but also help spot them in the late hours of the evening/night.

  1. Short Or A Long Sleeved T-shirt

It is important that the attire of the workers supports the weather. If the weather is hot and sunny, have your workers wear a short-sleeve top. When it gets cold and chilly, a long-sleeve top with embroidery perhaps will help keep the workers stay nice and warm. A St. Louis digital t-shirt printing company can give you multiple options in materials and designs you can choose for your construction site workers.

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Custom Columbus Ohio T-shirts for Upcoming Spring Festivals

With the spring season right around the corner, it’s time to put away the bulky winter clothes and take out your lightwear clothes, especially your tees. And what better place to wear and flaunt it than at a spring festival.

Here are some choices that you can pair with your custom T-shirt to wear at the upcoming spring festivals.

A Printed Kimono

Get ready to see many silk kimonos this spring. Not only are they in fashion for this spring season, but they also serve a useful purpose in keeping you nice and warm. You can pair your custom t-shirt printing with a super cute desighn on a kimono. When the night kicks in, you will need something to keep you warm, at the same time, something that is stylish.

On Top of Denim Shorts

Bring oomph to your look this season by wearing custom screen printing on a T-shirt with a pair of denim shorts. You can wear a denim vest on top of your tee to complete the denim look. Add a pair of boots and you are good to go.

A Bandana to Sports Your Look

It can be a bit windy at spring festivals. You don’t want your hair to be all messed up. The best way to keep your hair all set is by wearing a silk flower print bandana with your top. You’ll enjoy wearing it even more if the top was produced from a Columbus Ohio screen printing company like our selves.

Shinny Accessories to Complete Your Spring Look

No spring look can be complete without some beautiful accessories to enhance your look. However simple your outfit may be be enhanced by adding some custom embroidery and a pair of shinny earnings, a statement necklace, or a stylish belt can help you make your stylish look.

An All-White Look

If you are going for a classic look, a plain white top with white capris is the way to go. Make your own fashion statement this spring by wearing all white. You can easily find plenty of top quality tops and pants to choose from with a Columbus Ohio digital T-shirt printing company like ourselves who have a lot of different options to choose from.

A Flowy Shirt

Nothing says spring is here than a flowery silk shirt along with a top that flows in the the wind. If you want, you can have us design as well as apply the custom design your top.

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Revamp your Wardrobe with custom T-shirts

Revamp your Wardrobe with custom T-shirts

Although your wardrobe has a variety of clothes, you might often opt for a T-shirt though. With the dawn of a new year, why not make some changes in your look? The best place to start is by revamping your wardrobe. Here’s how you can revamp your wardrobe and your look without compromising on comfort.

Dress To Impress With Custom Tees

Our clothes are a representation of our style and personality. What we like, who we admire, you can tell all of this just by looking at one’s top. The biggest advantage you can get when having a custom top made is that it looks exactly like the way you want it to be. You can show your style and preference by wearing your digital t-shirt printing or embroidery on any type of garment, which is bound to go very well for any event or occasion.

Add Embroidery Tees To Your Collection

If you want to flaunt your style, then this is the way to go. Include custom embroidery to your wardrobe so you can convey your own personal style when you go out with your friends to the movies, or maybe to a game. These tops will go well with your pair of nice jeans.

Digital T-Shirt printing Can Be A Great Addition

When you are running late and don’t have time to iron your clothes, this is a good time to wear your silk top with a pair of your favorite coat and pants. This can be worn for any occasion. The best part is its unwrinkled material. You will be saved from the trouble of having to iron your top every time you have to go out. Make sure to add this piece of apparel in your wardrobe this year.

Screen Printing Tees That Will Last Their While

Before you start to argue that screen printing on t-shirts are not worth it because the design starts to eventually fade off, let us tell you this: the work done by from a local Columbus Ohio t-shirt printing company are normally of the finest quality. Even if you wash them for the tenth time, you can still expect them to look as good as new. Our quality is unparalleled to any.

Tee shirts by a Columbus Ohio screen printing company last a long time

Who can blame you if your favorite tee in your wardrobe is over 10 years old? The soft and comfortable material makes you want to never take it off. These tops are a must-have in your wardrobe and much of the time the older the better. That being said, the image has to remain intact even when the item itself starts to wear out.

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How Columbus Ohio T-Shirt Printing Services Can Help You Stay Trendy

How Columbus Ohio T-Shirt Printing Services Can Help You Stay Trendy

One of the best things about custom tees is that they can never go out of style. There is so much versatility when it comes to personalized apparel, as you can choose your own favorite color, style, and material. For instance, whether you like embroidery on a silk shirt or just plain old digital or conventional screen printing on a cotton T-shirt, you have the choice to create the perfect garment that truly exudes your personality. Here is how a digital T-shirt printing company can really help you stay on trend.

The Trends That Will Rule 2019

There is no saying how styles can emerge and change, but here are a few of the trends that will surely not go out of style this year.

Monochromatic Color Patterns and Clashing Layered Designs

The most prominent theme of the last year has been that there are no limitations when it comes to your particular style. Comfort and personal preferences are key when it comes to fashion nowadays, which is why the color palettes used in designs are used to really show the person’s likes. Monochromatic images and color patterns are a big trend now, where many variations of the same color are used to form a theme. Color clashing is also a theme, and many people prefer to use layering texts and colors on their custom silk garment through digital or screen printing applications to really make a bold and colorful statement.

Geometrical and type concentric patterns

Geometrical designs, in tattoos, branding and apparel is being seen everywhere. Using custom embroidery to accentuate the pattern on your garment is also a trend that will be seen more this year. Digital and screen printing type concentric patterns, created by your local Columbus Ohio company, on apparel is also extremely trendy, and we do not expect it to go out of style any time soon!


Iconography is becoming exceedingly popular in our technology driven world. Whether you have one icon or a plethora of different identifiable icons on your tee shirt, you will definitely look modernistic. You can add a bit of class through using embroidery to outline the icons on your custom garment. Our Columbus Ohio t-shirt printing company can also work with any materials that you like, whether silk or polyester.

The Bottom Line

All in all, symbols, bold, and monochromatic colors and simple words and statements are all in style, so make this process your own by putting in your own pizazz.

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Different Events You Can Hire A Columbus Ohio T-shirt Printing Company For

The New Year has finally begun and that means there are a whole lot of events to attend! With the constant change in trends and fashion statements, there are only a few types of apparel that never go out of style. Custom tees are always a great addition to any event, as they add a personal touch, promote your brand, and taken as a keepsake by guests to remember the event. Here are the different kinds of events for which you can purchase a digital T-shirt from Columbus Ohio company.

Work Events

There is no better way to include successful marketing and build up team spirits all in one than by using custom apparel during any work events! A professional Columbus Ohio screen printing company can supply your business with good quality and long lasting personalized apparel in any material, whether it is silk or polyester which can really make your event stand out to guests and employees alike!

Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties!

Personalized tees are a great way to commemorate an occasion as momentous as a wedding! Bachelorette and bachelor parties can be made all the more enjoyable with funny, colorful, and memorable personalized clothing items. Your service provider can also give you the option to use embroidery, digital designs or screen printing on silk sashes to show write funny phrases or roles that show friends’ allegiances to the bride or groom to be, as well as make the bachelor/bachelorette stand out!

Fundraising Events!

Whether you are doing a bake sale, stage show, or organizing a marathon giving all participants and attendees a personalized T-shirt with colorful embroidery or digital designs can really exude your passion for your cause. People can also further spread awareness about your cause by wearing the souvenir after the event, and it can help to start an important conversation pertaining to the cause.

Group Travels

Hiring a local and reputable Columbus Ohio screen printing and embroidery company to make your custom t-shits or silk sashes for your next trip with your family, friends, or co-workers can really make your group stand out! Wearing personalized apparel during a trip away can not only help you to easily identify your group members in big crowds but also serve as a reminder of your holiday. Thus, it is a good way to show your passion for a long-awaited trip to a foreign country.

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How You Can Benefit From Hiring A Columbus Ohio T-Shirt Printing Company

How You Can Benefit From Hiring A Columbus Ohio T-Shirt Printing Company

When running a company, you need to think about the dress code. What you want your employees to wear. You want to be able to easily differentiate the security team from the IT technician, and the sweeper from the bathroom cleaner. For this, you need to procure the services of a Columbus screen printing company.

Getting a tee shirt with custom embroidery added to it is a great way for you to tell which operations department the employee walking across the hall belongs to.

That’s not all. You also receive other benefits from hiring such a service provider to get your digital T-shirts printed.

You Can Tell By The Quality That The Job Has Been Done By A Professional

The end result will be the proof that the work has been done by a professionally done. The quality, the intricate design, and the fine embroidery, that you won’t be able to get all that from just any enterprise. Just by looking at your tees, you can tell that this fabulous job hasn’t been done by just any screen printing firm.

The Professional Knows How The Wordings Of The Logo Will Come Out Best

You want the logo of your business to be printed on the tees without any irregularities or errors. The size, tone and shade should be identical to that of your logo. When you receive your product from us, you will surely be amazed at how identical the design is to the logo of your business. Normally an exact representation. A professional firm knows what will work best on a silk material, what will make the embroidery shine, and what type of specific application will work best on which material that is being used.

You Get Exactly What You Asked For

Some firms try to con you by convincing you that their most expensive method of custom screen printing method is what will give you the best results but that is not always the case. Even if you have a specific design and fabric in mind, they will convince you to choose otherwise. However, that will not be the case when you go to our Columbus Ohio digital T-shirt printing company. They will give you their honest opinions but will not force them on you as it’s always good to have options, When you come to pick up your custom package or have it delivered to your place, you can be sure to receive exactly what you had asked for without any bad surprises.

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5 Myths about Custom Screen Printing

5 Myths about Custom Screen Printing

The custom screen printing, also known as silk technique, is an excellent way to create tees and other accessories to share with your customers and employees. It is a great, and inexpensive, way to promote your business. However, there are many myths on the internet regarding its efficacy.

In this blog, we will clear all the misconceptions surrounding this amazing customization tool of marketing.

Let’s begin!

Myth #1: It is very expensive

Most people consider that custom screen printing is very costly mainly due to the requirement of placing a bulk order. However, many suppliers do provide very affordable rates and allow you to order a reasonable amount of quantity. Furthermore, they also provide the option to mix and match your orders with a variety of products. For example, you can order the same design on your jackets, caps, bags, mugs, etc., and treat them as a single order.

Myth #2: It fades or cracks easily

Gone are the days when the paint used to fade or crack after few washes. The latest technology currently available in the market, especially the new water-based paints prevents the cracking or fading problems in your product.

Previously, the most common method of silk screening was placing the overlay on top of the clothing, however, it is not the case anymore. Nowadays, the ink is placed directly into the fibers of the T-shirt, which is much more resistant, thus it lasts longer and does not fade very easily.

Myth #3: It takes a lot of time

Most companies are comfortable in working with deadlines. They try their best to accommodate your order and recommend good options that can be beneficial for your timeline needs as well as your product.

Due to the advanced digital T-shirt production processes, the turnaround time from submitting a design to the final product can be as fast as 24 hours. Of course, it varies upon the complexity and quantity of your order.

Myth #4: It has the low return on investment

It is a very common misconception that return on investment regarding the silk option is not worth it. However, it is one of the cheapest ways to promote your brand. Building brand awareness is a critical aspect to promote your business. The custom T-shirt can be used in your company and promotional events to increase the brand recognition at a considerably low cost when compared to other options.

Myth #5: It does not cater drawings and doodles

A company that has a team of professional designers can easily replicate your drawings and doodles to a high-quality final product. Moreover, they can also increase its aesthetics by advising you the right color palette and proportions so it looks better on a certain product like tees, mug, jacket, etc.

Using process, the embroidery can also be done on the computer, resulting in a refined and accurate output.

Final Words

We hope that debunking these five common myths will facilitate you in making a decision to use custom screen printing for your business. It is a great way to endorse your name and identity in the market.

If you are looking for a Columbus Ohio T-shirt printing and custom embroidery company, then you would be doing yourself a huge favor by reaching out to us for a quote request. We produce highest quality products, particularly our custom embroidery and tees, which are made using latest digital technologies rather than old silk technique. What sets them apart from other Columbus Ohio t-shirt printing companies is the attention to detail, which results in a superior quality product. Their pricing is so competitive that they encourage customers to check prices from our competitors.

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The Advantages of Digital T-shirt Application compared to Conventional Screen Printing

The Advantages of Digital T-shirt Application compared to Conventional Screen Printing

There is a long debate going on the internet about which method is the best between digital T-shirt printing application and the old conventional methods. Each techniuqe has its own merits, however, in this blog, we will look at the benefits of the former one.

Starting with the basics, custom screen printing is performed by creating a stencil, which is used to apply ink layers on the surface where you want to print the design. Every color is applied separately using a different stencil and the final look is achieved by combining them together.

Digital method, on the other hand, is the new process that allows your artwork to be generated by a computer and then generated directly onto the product surface. The ink is applied directly to the fabric of the garment.

Let’s see some of its advantages:

Print any color you want

Choosing colors when using the conventional custom screen printing can be a very daunting task as it does not allow you to use a large number of colors on your garment without breaking your bank. Digital printing resolves this by using a four-color inking process known as CMYK + White. It works like a typical office printer and allows you to print an unlimited range of colors without incurring any additional costs like the silk process.

Cut down your setup time

Since the complete process of designing is computer-based, the set-up time is drastically reduced when compared to the normal silk process. All that is required is opening the file and print like you do on a traditional printer. It is that simple! It equips the manufacturer to produce the final product in minimal time, providing faster turnaround.

Provide high-quality detail

It allows you to produce a custom application with a much greater amount of detailing without sacrificing the clarity or worrying about color bleeding. No matter if you want a small logo or big canvas, the high quality and detailing of the final product will certainly leave you amazed.

These images can also include various styles of shading and gradients, allowing you to generate difficult and contrasting pictures with ease. It has literally made possible to turn the picture captured by your iPhone into a photo-realistic textile in a matter of few minutes.

Order Small Batches

When using custom the conventional method, you must order a large number of units in order to justify its cost. However, the digital application allows you to produce as little as one T-shirt without costing you a fortune.

It is ideal when you do not want a large number of tee shirts or you want different designs on a variety of products.

If you are looking for a great Columbus Ohio embroidery company, you should most certainly try us. We produce highest quality tees, particularly and the finest embroidery, which is made using the latest of advanced technologies rather than old out dated embroidery techniques. What sets us apart from all the other Columbus Ohio digital t-shirt printing companies is the attention to detail, which results in a superior quality product. Their pricing is so competitive that they encourage clients to check prices from their Columbus Ohio competitors.

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Why Hire A Columbus Ohio T-shirt Printing Company For Your Next Event?

Why Hire A Columbus Ohio T-shirt Printing Company For Your Next Event?

Whether you are looking to host an in-house corporate event or a public marketing event, custom digital printing on t-shirts is an excellent way to show your team spirit. They are also a great way to gift your guests as a memento. With so many things to worry about, you want to make sure everything is ready and perfect for your event as you certainly want it to be a successful. Thus, when planning for an event, you need to take care of every tiny detail; the location, menu, entertainment, amongst others.

With so much to do, the last thing on your mind is finding the right professional firm to take care of this important responsibility. Nonetheless, you need to give this job your priority and make sure you give this huge task to an experienced T-shirt company. That is why you should consider hiring a local business for your next event.

They Have A Wide Range Of Options To Choose From

Being a layman in the industry of both embroidery and custom screen printing, you are not aware of what designs will come out better on what type of materials. We are considered to be a top notch professional Columbus screen printing company that will help you decide the specific method, as well as the type of material you should use for your special event. If you have to place a large order, it is advisable that you go for normal every day screen printing as it is the preferred method if your needing large quantities. Not only is this an affordable option, the results come out to be a work of art.

They Place Utmost Importance To Your Needs And Desires

If you are entreating the possibility of ordering embroidery on T-shirts for an important event, you must already have a design in mind and just want them done exactly the way you imagined. Sure, a little advise from the professionals is always appreciated. However at times, they tend to impose their thoughts about what will work better on either a digital method or conventional embroidery application instead of listening to what you want. Working with a ColumbusT-Shirt company, you won’t have to worry about receiving your tees looking nothing like the way you wanted it to be.

You Get The Right Fit

Since you are planning for an event where you will have hosts and guests of different body measurements, the tees should be a type that fits them easily. A professional will ensure they are providing you the option to choose from different range of custom sizes and standard body measurements. We set the gold standard for all of Ohio.

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