Making The Most Of Modern Technology

Many of Columbus, Ohio T-shirt printing companies are starting to see the value and recognize the advantages that modern technology has made available. They are getting away from the old traditional way of doing things. They’re making the most of what modern technology has brought to the table over the last 10 years. Many Columbus screen printing companies are getting away from the conventional old-school way of doing things when it comes to time-consuming color separations. There are now software programs, such as Photoshop and Illustrator that can shave days off of the production process. In fact, when it comes to graphic design and artwork are concerned, our company has gone the route of outsourcing it to a company in Thailand. The guy we use has proven himself to be extremely competent and normally gets back with us within a couple hours. He charges a fraction of the price that an American artist would charge. It’s all done via e-mail and we literally are able to send our artwork way around the planet to someone that we have never met within seconds. He does what he needs to do and we usually receive the art the same day.

Many other people in our industry are taking advantage of what modern technology is now bringing to the table and seeing the value in investing in state-of-the-art equipment. They are well aware it’s going to cost more initially for that fancy custom embroidery machine, but they are going to more than recoup their investment long-term by cutting back on their payroll. They’re objective is to try and take out the human element away from the production process as much as they can. The better equipment is never late for work; it never gets ill; it never complains or gets hurt. To sum it up, it’s much less expensive and less of a liability to own a piece of state of the art equipment that can out work four employees.

Many of the custom embroidery and screen printing companies, including those in Columbus, OH, have gone off shore for their production requirements. They realize that by going this direction that they can significantly reduce their overhead. That being said, it lends itself to some advantages as well as disadvantages. It takes a lot longer. Your product has to be shipped across the ocean and often half way around the world. It’s really not practical for the customer who will need his product quickly. It can potentially work out well trying to process the order that has 2000 pieces or more that is not time sensitive.

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