How To Wear T-Shirts In Winter?

How To Wear T-Shirts In Winter?

T-shirts are a closet staple. Not only are they comfy, but look quite chic if adorned the right way. Also there are tons of ways you can create custom t-shirts to help you endorse a personal style statement. T-shirts are usually considered a summer clothing making it quite difficult to pull off this casual piece even in winter. When the temperature falls, pulling together apparel that looks fashionable can be a challenging situation. However, it would be a little dramatic and impractical to style a t-shirt in winter. Luckily, the magic of layering, including sweaters, cardigans, and accessories, strikes the perfect balance between protection from weather and embellishment.

With an athletic appearance rising as a style statement and ruling the street style, A good looking tee helps you create an endless, trendy winter look. Especially in places like Columbus where winters aren’t too harsh and short lived, you can conveniently style a t-shirt with warm layers for a stylish look.

Here’s a guide to assemble a flawless look with a custom t-shirt in a cold Columbus winter.

  1. Keep it casual with a black jacket:

Layering up your basic top with a mute jacket is one of the styles that flatter every figure. This is a universally chic style that you can create on every occasion. However, it fits perfectly in winters. Try pairing up the tee with a bomber jacket, a long line jacket, or a plain one for a powerful impact. Throw on a pair of your favorite leggings and you’re good to go!

  1. Practice minimalism with ripped jeans:

Ripped jeans paired with a custom t-shirt makes a gratifying blend of a classy and comfortable appearance. However, when selecting the ripped jeans, opt for the pair with few slits so you can show the accurate amount of skin. To add the winter effect, drape a woolen poncho or a stole to keep yourself warm. Use accessories like dark shades and patent sandals to pull the look together.

  1. A Shimmery Layer:

A basic tank top paired up with a shimmery blazer and metallic pumps look perfect. The look is utterly a red-carpet ready. However, blazers work well with customized tanks; look for the digital t-shirt printing ideas to revamp your basic apparel.

  1. Denim Jacket is back on the radar:

A few fabrics suit every personality, from the petite to the plus ones or the skinnier bodies, and denim is one of them. A basic hat paired with denim jacket makes for an impressive outfit. Choose a hat with floral embroidery at the front and accessorize it with casual jewelry to soften the look.

  1. Long Overcoats never go out of style:

Long overcoats thrown over a sweater screams elegance. If you’re confused about what to wear on a chilly Sunday evening, opt for an overcoat and prepare yourself to step into the winter wonderland. Summarize your look by adding a satin silk bandana to your flowing hair.

  1. Inaugurate your fashion creativity:

If you’re not ready to experiment with the options, you can effortlessly create the perfect winter outfit for yourself. You can opt for either conventional screen printing or digital T-shirt printing or even custom embroidery on your apparel and pair it up with lightly distressed skinny jeans. Choose a leather bag and trendy pumps for a breezy weekend that appears formal but sophisticated.

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