Celebrate Your Pregnancy By Gifting Your Husband A Custom Dad To Be T-Shirt

Celebrate Your Pregnancy By Gifting Your Husband A Custom Dad To Be T-Shirt

Hearing the news that you and your husband are going to be parents for the first time is possibly the best news for you both as a couple. This special moment should not go uncelebrated. A great way to celebrate this happiness is by making preparations for the baby’s arrival.

A Columbus digital t-shirt printing company can help you make your special moment even better! Through custom screen printing, the company can customize t-shirts with prints of your choice. You can also decorate it further by adding different types of textures, colors and even custom embroidery if you like.

A special way to celebrate your pregnancy is by gifting your husband a custom dad to be tee shirt. Here are a few creative ideas.

  1. On Announcing The News To Him

Announcing your pregnancy in a creative way can add up to the special moment. Instead of just telling your husband that you are pregnant, go for a more unique way of announcing! With the help of choosing the correct Columbus screen printing company, you can gift him a custom made top with words that hint towards the big news. You can also use phrases like ‘World’s Best Dad!’ or ‘Dad to be, loading, please wait!’ on your top. You can make your custom top even more creative by adding embroidery on it!

  1. For Every Month Of The Pregnancy

Celebrating your pregnancy throughout the whole time period is a great way to keep up the good spirit! A creative way to do this is to gift your husband a customized top every month! For example each month you can gift him a top with the number of months or days left till the baby arrives, and use phrases like ‘4 more months to go!’ or ‘Can’t wait to be a dad!’. Our particular company also gives you the option of decorating these custom made tops by adding all different decorating techniques combined with embroidery.

  1. For The Gender Reveal Party

The gender reveal party is a very memorable day of the pregnancy time period. To make your gender reveal party unique and more fun, you can gift your husband a custom made top to wear at the event. It can have phrases like ‘Pink or Blue, Dad loves you!’ or ‘Daddy’s little hero or daddy’s little princess?’ With our help, you can add any other phrase on the top, and make it more interesting according to your party’s theme!

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