Advantages of DTG Printing

Quite a few Columbus, Ohio screen printing companies these days are well aware of the advantages that modern technology has given us and are giving serious consideration to adding a direct-to-garment (DTG) printer to their facility. They can offer many different advantages to jobs that were way too complicated for smaller runs of 24 pieces are less. While they can be an extremely expensive piece of equipment for the upfront initial investment, it can more than make up for that in the long term by enabling the shop owner to be able to cater to jobs that in the past they would simply pass up. It drastically reduces the labor cost and reduces cost and chemicals, such as emulsion and cleaners.

This state of the art machine can also provide an immediate impact when it comes to improving the finished product by being able to replicate the most complicated pieces of artwork out there. So what are important qualities to look for when trying to determine which direct-to-garment machine you want to purchase? In other words what is going to give you the most bang for your buck? One thing to consider before making your decision is that all of these machines are made to perform a similar function, but some are much more cost effective to run because of the ink systems that are inside of them. Others are much more likely to break down. Do they have a local representative that can easily come by to fix your equipment in the event that something goes wrong or do they have to fly someone in from out of town? You should be well aware that if your printer would happen to incur a problem today and it took four days before someone could actually come over to your shop, then that could very easily be a problem, especially when a job requires a very quick turnaround and is time sensitive.

If you happen to be looking for a Columbus, OH digital T-shirt printing company, you should consider giving us a phone call. We promise to give your order the attention as well as respect that it deserves regardless of the quantities involved. We are a custom screen printing and embroidery company that knows what we’re doing. This pertains to not only being able to produce a great looking finished product, but also when it comes to offsetting any potential challenges you may be occurring, such as meeting a very quick delivery or even dealing with a limited amount of funds. We have the right strategies as well as years of experience when it comes to working out an arrangement that is going to be equally conducive to everyone involved. Unlike a lot of our embroidery competition, you will actually be able to talk to a real person when you call and not have to leave a voice mail. The only exception to this is if you happen to be calling after normal business hours or if we happened to be on a call with another potential customer. If that’s the case then just leave a message and you can expect to receive a call back within a timely manner.

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