4 Questions To Ask From Your T-Shirt Printing Company

4 Questions To Ask From Your T-Shirt Printing Company

Columbus Ohio is among the finest places to buy custom apparels due to the plethora of options available to choose from. That being said, it can be extremely tricky to choose a particular embroidery screen printing or digital T-shirt company. There are 4 imperative questions that you must ask your provider before procuring their services to make sure that you receive the highest quality results. What are those questions? Let’s find out!

“What Method Do You Use?”

There are different methods for artwork lithography onto your apparel. Screen printing requires creating a specific stencil hence better for bulk orders. The digital technique offers fast turnover time and gives freedom to choose different designs. The traditional embroidery method comprises of strands of different threads sewn into tees to create a design. Each method has its own pros and cons, so you should understand your needs before choosing one. Therefore, having multiple methods can be beneficial as it will allow you to choose what’s best for your order requirements.

“What Type Of Ink Do You Use?”

After sorting out the method of lithography, you should understand what type of inks your Columbus Ohio company use in their production process. Plastisol ink is prepared from plastic, and it is suitable with almost every type of clothing material, even silk. It is considered to be the normal industry standard. However, it is comparatively less breathable than most other applications. Water based ink is prepared by mixing water with dye or pigment, and it is soft handed thus you may not feel it on the actual T-shirt, providing a vintage look. Discharge is a water based technique which involves mixing an activator, mostly used for designing on colored or dark garments.

“What Is Your Turnaround Time?”

It is crucial to understand how long a company will take to process your order, which includes receiving your order, producing, and delivering it to your address. A high-quality custom apparel provider will be able to give fast turnaround time owing to their uniform production process. Learning about their turnover period beforehand will allow you to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience later down the line, especially if you are running on schedules.

“What Are Your Rates?”/“Do You Offer Discounts On Bulk Order?”

Last but not the least, pricing may play a pivotal role in deciding between Columbus Ohio screen printing T-shirt providers. If you are looking for high quality custom digital, silk or embroidery tees, then you should ensure that you choose a reputable provider, who offers competitive rates. You must also ask them whether they provide discounts on bulk order so that if you are working with large volumes, you will be able to save money.

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