Perfect Outfit Ideas for a Road Trip with Friends

Perfect Outfit Ideas for a Road Trip with Friends

When traveling for long hours in a car like when you are going on a road trip, it can be difficult to decide what will be a suitable outfit to wear. You want to appear classy but still be pleasant, and of course, depending on the season of the year, and how long you will stay in the car decides the type of clothes you will end up wearing. Or you might need diversity in your outfits because your road trip will span several days.

If you’re heading to somewhere hot and humid like Columbus Ohio, you might want to pack some funky t-shirts and breezy dresses to help you keep cool.

Here’s a list of a few core essentials to consider while ruminating outfits for a perfect road trip, leading you to opt for tees and other accessories.

  1. Destructive Skinny Jeans:

A pair of gloomy denim jeans with custom embroidery will definitely keep you comfy as you drive from place to place. For a little edgier look, wear destructive jeans; add a wide belt and some light-colored laced booties to finish off the look.

  1. Opt for a tracksuit and High heels:

Athleisure is trending right now, reducing the lines between the outfits you wear to the gym and those you’d wear to a road trip or even while lounging about the house. Pair a graphic tee with your tracksuit can be decorated with embroidery and styled up with complimentary platform heels and a quilted clutch. However, if you want to transform your basic top into something exciting, opt for DIY digital t-shirt printing or conventional screen printing methods in order to really show it off. You could even consider the possibility of getting custom apparel made for all your friends joining you on the road trip.

  1. Glam it up with a skirt:

Dress up your basic tee with a nude skirt or do the vice versa and pair it with joggers. Finish the look with a classic necklace for an adventurous look. You can choose a skirt with a bit of embroidery at the hem or floral patterns across for a more appealing outfit.

4. Knotted t-shirt printing with leggings are in the radar:

Give your basic top a new twist by tying a cute knot at the bottom, and pair it up with black leggings. To rock the style away, throw on an upper or flowing coat for a statement look. What better accessories to pack other than some chains, sunshades and a backpack?

  1. Rock the trip with Denim shorts:

If you happen to spend extra long hours in the car, go for a pair of denim shorts with some digital t-shirt printing on a lightweight custom tank top to stay comfortable the entire time. Accessorize it with a wheat link choker and let your hair rock with a silk bandanna.

  1. Layer it up with a blazer:

A road trip in irrational weather like what we’re used to in Columbus Ohio means layering up is a must. Give your outfit an extra pinch of color by channeling the 90s blazer with a casual light weight garment worn underneath. Not only will it save you from the inclement weather, but it’ll be your best-dressed road trip ever.


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